Reflecting on the incredible lead-up to our amazing opening night spectacle at Sparks Gallery, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who participated in every way!

There’s no such thing as a “solo show,” really.  So many people are involved in putting an exhibition event together, and this one was self-consciously symbiotic and collaborative!

From the beginning:

Sonya Sparks and I began talking about an event of this sort even before this wonderful historic-yet-contemporary gallery space was complete, and all along we have collaborated on the development of this exhibit and opening.

Tea Ninkovic and I have been collaborating on every outfit since the earliest stages of developing the exhibition and opening night plans, together synching our avant-garde inspirations as well as development of how to fill the gallery space. From her elegant wall line drawings display to the dramatic couture, we agreed easily and enthusiastically to the layout plans and event.

Sparks Gallery Staff Emily Knapp and Jessica Amaya have been the hard-working, behind the scenes, keep us on deadline, curating, promoters and catalogers of this show, and continue to manage all the events and promotions during the duration of the show.

On the night of the event:

We had the honor of 4 amazing women animating the outfits and brining the creations to life, their participation was the reason for the success of the opening night spectacle! As well as a number of other generous helpers all recruited for the event:


  1. Laura Daniela Ricci wearing “Parasite”
  2. Latricia Renee wearing “Arthropod”
  3. Delina Dilargachew in “Sea Lilly” (extinct)
  4. Tracy Black in the “Anomalocaris” (extinct)


  1. Abbie Downard
  2. Anya Vail


  1. Collin Vail


  1. Jim Goodrich

Ethical Metalsmiths Representatives:

  1. Niki Grandics
  2. Alexandra Hart

Bar helpers:

  1. Mark Wheeler
  2. Alex Garcia
  3. Lex Archibald
  4. Jeff Downard
  5. Jerilyn Harris

and of course, Sparks Staff:

Emily and Jessica, Benetta and Barry, TJ and Kendall

(A link to the live “talk” is HERE)

Laura, Tracy, Alexandra, Delina, Tea and Latricia!