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Responsible Gold PracticesLike fair trade coffee, don’t stop buying, buy responsibly!

Alexandra Hart’s sophisticated and artful couture jewelry and metal sculpture is made in her US based studio from responsibly researched and sourced precious metals and gemstones. She specializes in re-purposing heirlooms into custom contemporary bespoke jewels, thus increasing the value by creating the client’s dream pieces. Activist and former executive director with Ethical Metalsmiths, and long time leader and member of Women’s Jewelry Association, she’s actually been working to promote socially and environmentally responsible business practices and equal opportunity to artists and consumers since the launch of her business in 1995.

“Socially responsible practices, I believe, are the responsibility of both designers and consumers. As a designer working with rare materials, I have important choices to make about sourcing in order to protect the future use of these resources. The consumer’s awareness and choices to support the best companies is the power to drive the market. I have always been concerned with sustainable practices, and have been promoting it as part of my business mission.

We can actually support underdeveloped countries by buying gemstones from the most reputable and conscientious companies who comply with Fair Trade Standards and who use Fairmined and recycled metals to reduce impact of mining on the environment. Meanwhile, purchasing from artisan designers producing all work in the US is good for the local economy!”

Fairmined Licensed Brand Certification

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Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from small scale mining organizations embracing responsible practices. It transforms mining into an active force for good, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud [...]

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Diamond Industry: Improve or Loose!

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There are so many changes in the jewelry industry right now, many changes for the better! Diamonds have long been the centerpiece, at least in the USA, of the "luxury" and Jewelry world, and also [...]

Launch of Additional Traceability Procedure

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It has always been a great concern of mine to operate as Responsible a business in the jewelry industry as possible and fortunately many of the issues are now reaching consumers. A long time member [...]

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