There are so many changes in the jewelry industry right now, many changes for the better! Diamonds have long been the centerpiece, at least in the USA, of the “luxury” and Jewelry world, and also the most attention-getting part of some of the worst news about the industry. When the film “Blood Diamond” came out, it marked the beginning of the consumer demand for improved industry standards and ethics surrounding the diamond market. Many companies have made progress in responsibility and transparency, and many have not, but the marketplace has not slowed down its demand for ethics!
I am thrilled to read this article where the leadership in the industry is recognizing the changes which must happen to survive the rapid market changes: “Rapaport said that if small and medium-size U.S. retailers and suppliers don’t become directly involved and find out exactly where their diamonds are coming from, they will be squeezed out of the market as consumers increasingly demand assurances their diamonds are ethically mined. “Build relationships with people who are on the supply side,” he said. “Stop sitting here like ducks to be shot.”
As a proud member and leader of Ethical Metalsmiths, I am grateful to finally see that both sides, the consumer and industry, are waking up! Enjoy the article here.